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Hello, friends!

Today I would like to blog about Open Houses!  They can be a success or a failure, and sometimes somewhere in between.  It makes me sad that many people come to an Open House without their agent.  I feel like the agents should be keeping track of the Open Houses in the area and marketing them to their buyers.  Maybe they are and I just don't know about it.  Hmmmmm.....  I know this Open House I held on Sunday had been announced in the paper and online on different pages by the listing agent and I put it on all my pages to try to get some traffic through this house, but we only had 3 groups of people and they all had their own agent.  When I was able to sell and write the contract on my last Open House, they did not have an agent, knew about it through a friend and I was able to show the house to them only, there were no other lookers.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day here and I was really looking forward to holding it.  Any suggestions?????  Anyone???  What do yo…
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Sometimes Realtors Get a Bad Rap!!

I think there are a few reasons for this.

1) Some realtors lack professionalism;  A true real estate professional, in my opinion, has to have many gifts and be able to share those gifts.  They must be educated in the profession, just like any other professional.  They must carry with them the ability to have empathy and sympathy and be able to conduct themselves with dignity, but without prejudice or ego.  They must be patient and build a trust relationship with ALL clients. 

2)  There is a lot more work that goes in to being a real estate professional than most people realize.  Not only do they need to constantly be a part of continuing education for the their license, but my experience says that to be a GOOD real estate professional, there are many things that we are doing behind the scenes that people do not realize.  With each client, depending on their circumstances, there is research that SHOULD ALWAYS be done.  The due diligence in making sure the client can be financially in a…
So....when do people usually decorate for the holidays? 

I usually put up my Fall things after September 30th.  Put out some Halloween things and inside I decorate quite a bit.  I used to put up my Christmas things after Thanksgiving, but since we moved to southern Missouri, I put them up before Thanksgiving because we try to celebrate Thanksgiving here, and my son and grandsons come down.  If I don't put them up, then the grandsons don't get to see it, because we go back up to Kansas City for Christmas. 

I'm thinking of changing out some of my decorations for Christmas this year.  Almost everything I have are things that I have had since 2001.  And sometimes you just need a change!  Agreed????  What are your thoughts?

You know what?  I really like all my decorations that I have.  There are many that have been given to me as gifts throughout the years.  I might get new ribbon to weave around it.  That sounds like a better idea to me..................... 

What about you?
Doing a little research about the Ozarks.  Of course, everyone wants to go to Branson and Silver Dollar City (see this site:, but how did these little towns get their start and how did this area become branded as part of the Ozark Mountains or Plateau.  It is pretty interesting that the area down here has so much history and there are a lot of documented history sites you can go to read about it:

This is just one that I went to and found myself intrigued!! 

Coming from Kansas City, my family always enjoyed trips to the Ozarks.  I did not realize that I had not seen about 90% of it!  I've been to Lake Ozarks, Branson and different towns, just driving through.  I've also been to Eureka Springs and other places in Arkansas.  But, I just didn't realize just how beautiful this area of my home state actually is!!  I considered that …